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Obesity is often a shortage of insulin-Customized Fat Loss

Obesity is often a shortage of insulin - a hormone, pancreatic cancer, which is responsible for the development of diabetes. The greater weight of a person, the greater the tissue in need of insulin. Pancreas because of this under heavy loads and depleted over the years.

She begins to produce enough insulin, and the blood vessels begin to run "sugar syrup". Clear mind and a healthy mind - Many overweight people hate themselves with fats and eventually become dissatisfied not only themselves, but also begin to look guilty.

Agree, blame yourself for lack of patience and laziness, no one will be easier to transfer his aggression in the family, saying: "You cannot have formed in my eating habits right from childhood," "I have a bad heredity", "You're making all fat" etc. In addition, obesity increases the extent of the vascular bed, and as a consequence, a deterioration of brain nutrition.

This, of course, does not lead to a reduction of intelligence, but causes deterioration of the reaction rate and severity of the mental process.

Therefore, people who are overweight, today, have no chance to take the post of Executive Director of the enterprise or employability pilot.Doctor’s usually overweight people recommend one:

"Eat less and move more." But what about those who are trying to lose weight many times, adhering to a diet and working out hard, but trying to lose weight to no avail? There are many reasons that people do not even know, but they have a negative effect on the process of weight loss.

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Joint Health - By the nature of their profession for a long time I had to stand on his feet. Prior to losing weight, the extra weight of 20 kg, has a strong strain on my spine and joints, resulting in the evening I always back aching and tired feet.

 Throwing off excess weight, I'm like an energy charge, now I feel the lightness of the body and do not get tired at work. 20 pounds overweight - it's like that constantly carry two buckets of water.

 The same pressure is on the spine and joints. Pinched spinal nerves, blood vessels and appears worn pain. By the age of 50 many people suffering from obesity, delivers great difficulty even climb stairs to the fifth floor. Because of the increased pressure on the knee cartilage covering the surface of joints, erased and injuredhence the pain and limited mobility.

 Hormones - It is known that women who are overweight often have problems with pregnancy, and obese men have faced in 40 years with impotence.

The more fat is a person, the more likely are violations of hormonal levels. The fact that the adipose tissue promotes the synthesis of female sex hormones - estrogens, and their marked increase in blood leads to problems with the menstrual cycle in women and weakening of sexual activity of men.

Obesity greatly increases the risk of developing diseases

Why they can control your appetite and do not give up at the sight of favorite ice cream or a huge piece of cake, and I'm not?

 When I realized that the reason for my weight regain was lack of motivation, I decided to go on a diet again, but not to "look" better in the eyes of others, but for yourself and your health. Here are the reasons made me again lose 20 kg and has for many years stayed slim: Why to lose weight:
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Cardiovascular Health - Obesity greatly increases the risk of developing diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and hypertension. All those extra pounds of fat must be supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Weight gain 1 kg leads to 1 mile extra vessels in the body.

Imagine how many extra miles have to undergo blood overweight 15-20 kg. This increased load on the heart, which over the years inevitably leads to coronary heart disease, and often to a heart attack and stroke. Even if you're lucky and your heart stand the load, then avoid clogging of blood vessels and poor circulation you will not succeed.

When blood circulation in the brain receive signals to increase the metabolic products carbon dioxide and the body, whereby the heart begins to operate with great force and pressure vessels increases dramatically. All this contributes to the development of hypertension and varicose veins.

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I "Woke up" then, when during a small quarrel my wife suddenly said: "Yes, you look at yourself, who you become like". I realized that if I do not now and not start to lose weight, the ratio of those around me is false.

From that day the word "better" to me sounds like "you look very bad", but before I took it as "you become healthier." Those who dieted no time know that with the help of exercise and refrain from the consumption of high-calorie foods for 1-2 months can throw 15 kg of weight, but then they quickly returned. Moreover, after the weight of such diets is even greater.Just One Click KyleleonReviewscam.Com/
 Rapid weight gain after weight loss usually reaches 10 kg per year. Thereafter, repeat again tries to lose weight there are few who dare.

"If I cannot get fit, or at least need to get the pleasure of eating" - and I thought, gaining 18 kg in two years, after he lost 15 pounds in two months. "Well, what if I am neither a complete, nor I the only one, the streets are filled with obese people. Himself must love so what is" - I consoled myself by looking at their newly plump body in the mirror.

Despite the fact that close loved me as before, love your body, covered with fat, now I could not. In my head and climbed often thought about what I worse than those who manage to lose weight and not gaining it again.

Customized Fat Loss Scam-How to lose weight and keep watermelon diet

To lose weight and keep watermelon diet should be happy, and after the diet to reconsider their lifestyle and eating habits. Only in this case there is a real guarantee that you will forget for a long time that once you had a beautiful figure, as after a diet.

I must have well understood by those who have suffered in the past myself overweight. With the growth of 180 cm in a youth I always considered myself a slender man. For 30 years I have been able to achieve good progress in the work, I got married, bought an apartment and a car, and his wife every day I cooked delicious meals I ate in good faith.Free Customized Fat Loss Report

 Overweight somehow appeared gradually, at first I noticed that the button of my pants was difficult to fasten.

When I told his wife about it, she smiled and said: "Dear, you now have dad, matured. Let's buy you a new tomorrow. “Probably really grown up, and I thought myself.

So I gradually "matured" from 48 to 54 sizes. Wife and all the friends continued to assure me that the fullness of me goes, and abdomen adds solidity.

Do not believe those who say that bulging belly and fat ass you are. Even people close to you do not you ever tell a person that you look ugly, and some are even happy when you gain weight and upset to see you thinner

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Actions harm you during training to amplify muscle

Minutes of which he is the human body training for weight loss or muscle strengthening is minutes very special, in this process happens a lot of things that require special preparations, however these preparations we must stay away from some things that may hurt us and the process of training and even spoiled and reduce the benefits gained to lose weight.

1 - Eating Just One Click KyleleonReviewscam.Com/Eating during the training process, or shortly before that displays the body of the disorder, we must refrain from eating foods of all kinds before the training process well in advance up to two hours at least.

2 - Juices, sugars,
Syrups and sugars that see a lot of us have no effect, but these materials take a large amount of blood that is supposed to arrive for muscles to digest, to the detriment of the process of training great harm not get them to the required level.

3 - Refrain from drinking water,
Water is the best friend of the trainee during and before and after the training process, they have a lot of benefits, especially when it has a lot of sweat, they compensate for water lost from the blood and make it more liquid to reach efficiently the muscles and less of his wife.

4 - Long rest periods
is a very important factor during the training process, Vfterat comfort is a key element, but the time specified Vzaadtha less benefit from exercises which omits many of us about, you should be very suitable rest periods and commit to them literally.

5 - Drinks compensatory and energy
are the types of beverages covered by a lot of athletes during training, but not all of the trains in needing her, are mostly to compensate for the salt lost by the body athlete who trained in the atmosphere very warm, it is not an all-in needing her that affect negatively in many often, you should consult the trainer before eating.

Systems of energy that the body uses to amplify muscle

Before going into any sporting activity or training program, in the end, it should be known that there are three systems for the production of energy in the body, and this depends on the quality of the purpose for which practiced it for sports such as strength or muscle size or endurance, for example, every goal of them commodities strategy different from the other.

System of ATP Find More Information Here Kyle leon Review ScamWithout going into scientific names, such a system does not use oxygen in the body does not produce lactic acid (the acid that causes muscle fatigue) comes when making a short, powerful movements like that come in the last 10 seconds or less in training.

Anaerobic system
This system is used in activities that lasts two minutes or less, thus p = is a system that is used by players to strengthen the muscles or completeness Aloksam the building blocks of muscle and derives most of its energy from carbohydrates.

Antenna system
It is, as its name indicates exactly, a dominant system used in sporting activities and already at the exercise for a longer period, which depends on the use of own stores carbohydrates and fats by leveraging Alooxjn coming from outside the body, which is always better for people who want to lose weight.