Thursday, 22 May 2014

Muscle among young people

A new study shows that exercise ongoing exercised by the individual throughout his life kept the muscle in the elderly to levels equivalent to or even exceed the state of the heart muscle among young people, who are not used to exercise, in a stunning discovery highlights the value of regular exercise.The first study was launched to assess the effects of various levels of physical exercise, which extends lifetime of heart block in the annual scientific meeting of the American Heart College in New Orleans.

The study suggests that physical activity preserves the heart muscle flexibility, as is the case among young people shows that when a person unfamiliar with the sport, the mass of the shrinking with each passing decade,

and on the contrary, the habitual seniors to train six or seven times a week throughout their lives adults do not keep their hearts on the block, but increases them, what makes it the largest bloc of the mass of the adult who does not practice the sport and aged between 25 and 34 years.

A researcher from the hospital, Texas, who presented the study at the conference, "which characterizes the process of aging itself is diminished, especially skeletal muscle," he added, but we make it clear that this process is not limited to skeletal muscle, but it spoke to the muscle as well. Atrophy of the heart muscle, which become weaker.

The study involved 121 healthy people do not have a history with disease had them 59 people are not used to exercise, and in the new study were assessed exercise, depending on the number of exercises that strengthen the respiratory and circulatory each week, rather than intensity or duration

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