Friday, 23 May 2014

Customized Fat Loss-The best techniques for improving strength

Strength–It is known to be the body's ability to overcome external resistance force. When it comes to the point, do not depend on it so much, especially in the arts. In bodybuilding, strength just is not the key factor, because it is not powerlifting or strongman.

Yet force is necessary as the first and second. That is it allows you to develop three of the above characteristics, and therefore it appears that it is put in nearly every chapter of strength training.
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Bodybuilding is very good sanctifies this factor. But really, we - bodybuilders know about almost all the increase in strength.

We use high-calorie food, long rest before the new approach, using a small number of repetitions, etc. In general, we know everything, but not use every method.

One of the best techniques for improving strength - static load, you can give yourself almost any exercise, simply delaying the projectile at the end point of the trajectory, or at its middle. Few people know that the increase in the force characteristics largely depends not on the muscle fiber, and from tendons and ligaments, which are perfectly trained in the statics.
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Perhaps this finishes our story today. In the next article we will discuss the importance of cardio and plyometric exercises. It's no secret that cardiovascular system and metabolism are at a high working level. We also touch on the popular theme: "what muscles need a fighter?” Get more detailed info at

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