Saturday, 24 May 2014

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer -Throwing off excess weight

Joint Health - By the nature of their profession for a long time I had to stand on his feet. Prior to losing weight, the extra weight of 20 kg, has a strong strain on my spine and joints, resulting in the evening I always back aching and tired feet.

 Throwing off excess weight, I'm like an energy charge, now I feel the lightness of the body and do not get tired at work. 20 pounds overweight - it's like that constantly carry two buckets of water.

 The same pressure is on the spine and joints. Pinched spinal nerves, blood vessels and appears worn pain. By the age of 50 many people suffering from obesity, delivers great difficulty even climb stairs to the fifth floor. Because of the increased pressure on the knee cartilage covering the surface of joints, erased and injuredhence the pain and limited mobility.

 Hormones - It is known that women who are overweight often have problems with pregnancy, and obese men have faced in 40 years with impotence.

The more fat is a person, the more likely are violations of hormonal levels. The fact that the adipose tissue promotes the synthesis of female sex hormones - estrogens, and their marked increase in blood leads to problems with the menstrual cycle in women and weakening of sexual activity of men.

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