Saturday, 24 May 2014

Obesity is often a shortage of insulin-Customized Fat Loss

Obesity is often a shortage of insulin - a hormone, pancreatic cancer, which is responsible for the development of diabetes. The greater weight of a person, the greater the tissue in need of insulin. Pancreas because of this under heavy loads and depleted over the years.

She begins to produce enough insulin, and the blood vessels begin to run "sugar syrup". Clear mind and a healthy mind - Many overweight people hate themselves with fats and eventually become dissatisfied not only themselves, but also begin to look guilty.

Agree, blame yourself for lack of patience and laziness, no one will be easier to transfer his aggression in the family, saying: "You cannot have formed in my eating habits right from childhood," "I have a bad heredity", "You're making all fat" etc. In addition, obesity increases the extent of the vascular bed, and as a consequence, a deterioration of brain nutrition.

This, of course, does not lead to a reduction of intelligence, but causes deterioration of the reaction rate and severity of the mental process.

Therefore, people who are overweight, today, have no chance to take the post of Executive Director of the enterprise or employability pilot.Doctor’s usually overweight people recommend one:

"Eat less and move more." But what about those who are trying to lose weight many times, adhering to a diet and working out hard, but trying to lose weight to no avail? There are many reasons that people do not even know, but they have a negative effect on the process of weight loss.

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