Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to do push-ups properly

To properly wrung out, you have to learn to feel your chest muscles: Stand straight, press down the front of his hand to his chest, then slowly move the right hand forward, as if pushing something away from you, trying to stretch the chest muscles.

Repeat the movement again and again, feeling involved in the work the pectoral muscles. Second hand you can put on chest to feel it better. The next step will be a slow push-ups with knees again, with full control of the muscles.

Technique pushups
In order to properly do push-ups, you need to learn to control not only the work of the pectoral muscles, but also to monitor the elongated body into a string - this situation will further engage the press and arm muscles and remember that not effectively wrung out a hundred times in a row, making the last ten pushups somehow and do 5 sets of 20 reps slow and skilful, dividing them Thirty break.

Kinds of push-ups - which is better
In addition, you can include the work the upper and lower beams muscles using coasters under the feet or hands, you can vary the width setting of palms.

 With hands in the general statement of work includes the shoulders, with a narrow - triceps.
The most efficient type is the one in which widely spaced hands and feet, on a high pedestal. This allows you to maximize stretch pecs. Below you can see a video of classic pushups.

Pushups - a great and very simple way to pump breast at home. Proper performance technique, alternating different types of push ups and moderate load (2-3 times a week) for maximum efficiency.

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