Friday, 23 May 2014

Do not use steroids muscle before this age!Customized Fat Loss

It seems that a lot of young teen these days resort to links sports to enter into the world of bodybuilding, as is evident, and goals have become multiple and many of them self-confidence, but there are those who fall under a very big mistake, a stimulant that speeds up the production of muscle, but there are a lot of risks that are not understood by these young people with the use of these steroids.

Risks of using steroids at a young age
I'm sure you hear that steroids give you a lot of strength and muscle, but are they destroy you?, And this belief is wrong or right?

It is foolish to begin your plan and you are at a young age to acquire the body and muscles good to take steroids, these steroids make you more powerful in training already but affect the nerves directly, these steroids affect growth in adolescence,

increase acne, water retention, hair loss , increase the percentage of fat, the failure of some vital organs, gynecomastia (man-breasted feminine) and adolescents are more susceptible to these risks than others, because these hormones enter the body at an early age,
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and intervene often after Talk in the growth process, they affect the endocrine adolescent (the action of hormones), when the body feels that this type of hormones enters from the outside, stops for the supply of this hormone the body, and it is shutting down productions of the Interior and reliable from the outside completely.

But how long can that dealt with cautiously?
Must be at least age 25 years, must be trained at least for a period of 5 years, must be completed genetically, and I know that this talk may seem silly to some, but this is the highest degree of safety for use Flavors muscles that help you reach the body fast without great misery

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