Thursday, 22 May 2014

How do stretching?

By necessary to complete body workout and that is a hitch? What is better for a hitch - swimming, running or stretching? Complex stretching exercises

Why hitch?

During physical activity, increased body temperature, heart starts to beat faster, the blood more oxygen - all that is necessary to hard muscles supplied with nutrients.My Home Page Visit Truth About Kyle Leon Review
Abrupt and unexpected stop training leads to the fact that the blood remains in the muscles, and the body can not evenly redistribute it to other organs. All this is very bad for blood circulation and increases the load on the heart.

What is the hitch?
Each strength training must necessarily end with the so-called cool-down - a few exercises that translate the body of the operating mode in the calm, literally "cooled" it.

Hitch can be a slow running, turning into walking, swimming quiet style, as well as stretching. In any case, the total duration of a hitch should not exceed 5-10 minutes, otherwise it's a crock body even more.

Stretching exercises
Stretching is called static (fixed) load using body weight, improve the blood supply of the muscles. It should be noted another important function of stretching - allocating toxins from the muscles, which speeds recovery.

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