Thursday, 22 May 2014

Stretching exercises is necessary only after strength training

It is very important that perform stretching exercises is necessary only after strength training when the muscles and ligaments warmed up.

 Performing stretching before exercise on cold muscles, dangerous, fraught with injuries and even muscle rupture
Stretching Program
Recommended program of stretching exercises includes 12 under which the work will include all muscle groups. Each exercise is performed for 20-30 seconds, in most cases, one approach.

It must be remembered that the sequence of exercise is better not to change, and it is better to start with the muscles of the legs and back, gradually moving to the muscles of hands.

 This sequence will provide a smooth finish training.
Stretching at home
Important advantage of the above program of stretching exercises is that you do not need any extra shells or any equipment, and you can easily perform this complex home.

This makes the program a great addition to a home exercise program with dumbbells . Let me remind you that it is specially designed for those who do not have the opportunity to engage in the gym, but wants to maintain muscle tone.

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